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Frédéric Hemmer

Personal Data                                                                                 AUGUST 2015

Date & place of birth

23 August 1959, Louvain, Belgium.




29, Rue Briand Stresemann

F-01710 THOIRY


Phone & Fax



+41-(0)22-7676104 (professional)

+41-(0)76-4870128 (GSM)

+41-(0)22-7669215 (Fax)




Marital status

Married, two children (17 and 19 years old).

Work experience : 1984-2015                            CERN, GENEVA, sWITZERLAND


Department Head (IT Department)



Overall management of the IT Department. Its mission is to provide the information technology required for the fulfilment of the laboratory’s mission in an efficient and effective manner, including storage, network and support for the LHC and the rest of the experimental programme, as well as services for the accelerator complex, the whole laboratory and its users.  It also provides a ground for the development of new technologies and advanced R&D with various partners. IT notably leads the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid collaboration, the CERN openlab, the Helix Nebula initiative, hosts the UNOSAT organization and participates in about 6 H2020 projects co-funded by the European Commission. IT Department has a budget of ~80 MCHF in 2015, including ~210 staff positions.

Chairman of the EIROForum IT Thematic Working Group (2011 and 2015)

DG representative at the Standing Concertation Committee since 2010

Directorate representative at the CERN Learning Board since 2015


Deputy Department Head (IT Department)



Assist the Department Head in the planning and resource management of IT Department. Direct responsibility of IT Infrastructure Groups (AIS, DES, IS, UDS) and Security Team (direct responsibility of ~100 staff, 10 MCHF). CERN representative on EGEE related projects (~10, such as ETICS, ISSeG, DILIGENT, EUChinaGrid, etc.) management boards. Various other duties such as launching tenders, VIP visits, interviews, participation in various committees (e.g. Desktop Forum, C5, occasionally LHCC, Executive Board, Research Board, SPC), in promotion exercises, DCRBs, preparation and organization of Department program of work, organization/chair of Department communication and management meetings, EGEE Project Management Board proxy, etc. IT high-level contact for the CMS experiment.


Group Leader (Grid Middleware)
EGEE Middleware Manager



In charge of providing, integrating and testing the reengineered middleware (called gLite) to the EGEE project, and therefore to LCG. This included the coordination of development teams (60-80 people or ~5M€) in Czech Republic, Italy, Northern Countries and UK in addition to a group at CERN. It involved number of negotiations and contacts with EU, LHC experiments, non-Physics applications, middleware providers, etc… essentially in Europe and US.  Member of EGEE and LCG Project Execution Boards. Founder and member of the EGEE International Middleware Design Team.


Deputy Division Leader (IT Division)



Assist the Division Leader in the management of CERN’s IT Division, comprising (including external contributions) around 250 persons and 30 MCHF budget in 2003. Direct supervision of Infrastructure groups (IS, PS, US) and Security Officer. Various duties such as launching tenders, representation of the Division at Peers Review meeting, VIP visits, TV interviews, participation in promotion exercises, organization of Divisional Management Meetings, etc…


Systems Engineer, Group Leader (Internet Services)



In charge of the Internet Services group (24 persons), delivering Electronic Mail, Distribution Lists, Directory Services, WebCasting, Video Conferencing, Web Services, Virtual Private Networks as well as Windows (95/NT/2000) desktop and its infrastructure. In particular has led the Windows 2000 project that migrated the 5000+ PC’s at CERN from Windows 95/NT to Windows 2000 as well as migrating the mixed Novell/Windows servers towards a Windows 2000 Server only environment. Initiated a migration from home grown solutions for Mail, Distribution Lists & Directory Services towards Microsoft Exchange 2000 collaboration environment. Budget around 2-3 MCHF/Year.


Systems Engineer, Section Leader, then Group Leader



In charge, leading a team of 6 people, of the Windows environment at CERN, comprising the management of about 5000 PC’s running Windows 95 and NT, collectively known as NICE (Network Integrated Central Environment). The responsibility includes the server environment, running a mix of NetWare & Windows NT servers (40+). Budget around 500 KCHF/Year.


Systems Engineer, Section Leader



Responsible, with a team of 10 people, for the basic Physics Data Processing computing services (known as Centrally Operated RISC Environment services) based on distributed RISC/Unix technology. In particular provided Systems management and operation of the computing systems, including the tape service, basic experiment support and service documentation and software support including in-house developed Scalable Heterogeneous Integrated faciliTy (SHIFT) software (see below).

These services have grown from 50 computers and 700 Gigabytes of disk storage in 1993 to over 300 machines and 12 Terabytes of disk space in 1997. Outsourcing services have been pioneered starting in 1996. Budget around 2-3 MCHF/Year.


Software Engineer (Distributed Computing)



Software architect of the SHIFT software suite allowing for remote access to files and tapes (including robotic mount) in a distributed RISC/Unix environment. Design, development and implementation of the RFIO protocol (still in use now). Direct support of experiments for migration from mainframe to distributed Unix environment. Heterogeneous networking investigations (RPC, X-windows, networking protocols).

1987 - 1989

Software Engineer (Databases)



Development, integration and promotion of remote access methods to central Oracle databases from the LEP control system (SQL*Net). Installation and maintenance of Oracle on Sun, Apollo, RT/PC Aix, PS/2 Aix, PC/Xenix, VAX/Ultrix, VM/CMS, MacOS, Mac A/UX, VAX/VMS, PC/DOS and SQL*net for all these platforms (TCP/IP, Decnet, VTAM, Async). SQL*Net consulting for Physics Institutes, external firms and Oracle Corporation. Electronic Mail Directory (EMDIR) integration in several administrative tools.

1986 - 1987

Software Engineer (LEP Beam Instrumentation)



Staff member. Integration, development and modification of Motorola’s RMS68K real-time kernel for the beam instrumentation equipment control. Development of communication methods for 680x0 based VME boards for the MIL-1553 multi-drop bus, and their integration in the LEP distributed control architecture using TCP/IP on top of Token-Ring.

1984 - 1986

Fellow (Databases)



Design and maintenance of Oracle applications. Investigation and development of remote access methods to Oracle in heterogeneous environments (VAX/VMS, VM/CMS, and PC/DOS). Development of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) systems under VM/CMS, VAX/VMS, PC/DOS, Unix using TCP/IP and Decnet. Use of these RPC systems for an electronic mail directory accessible worldwide (EMDIR).

Practical knowledge(not all used recently)


Programming languages: C, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN, Perl, Unix shells, REXX, 68000 and IBM 370 Assemblers, MS Visual Studio. Notions of WMI, VBScript, VB, VC++ and MS.Net. Less used: Simula, Algol, APL, Cobol, Lisp; VAX, 68000 and 6502 Assemblers.

Operating systems: Unix (AIX, DIGITAL UNIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, SOLARIS, UNICOS), Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7 (including Active Directory, Dfs, IIS, NTFS), VMS, VM/CMS, RMS68K. As an end user, Windows 95/98, MacOS, MS/DOS.

Network protocols: TCP/UDP/IP, Decnet, and associated protocols such as NFS, FTP, X-Windows, RPC’s, sockets, etc. Notions of related hardware equipment (switches/routers, FDDI, Ethernet, HiPPI, etc.).

Document Editing Tools: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, FrontPage; SharePoint, Latex, SGML, HTML.

Database Management: Oracle (including DB administration on many platforms and SQL*Net), but not used after version 6.

Commercial Packages: Adobe Elements, Premiere & DreamWeaver, Remedy’s Action Request System (ARS), Corel Suite.

Grid Software: gLite and AliEn (both as end user).


1979 - 1984

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) - Ecole Polytechnique             Brussels, Belgium

Ingénieur civil Electricien Mécanicien, option Informatique, avec Grande Distinction

Thesis: Réalisation d'un terminal videotex pour application bancaires à l'aide d'un ordinateur personnel. Télécommunications et vidéo.

1967 - 1979

Athénée Royal de Woluwé Saint Lambert                                        Brussels, Belgium

“Latin-Mathématiques, avec distinction”

Professional memberships


IEEE member and IEEE Computer Society Member.

Association of the Computer Machinery (ACM) Member.

Member of the Federation of the Belgian Engineers Associations (FABI).

Member of the Association of Engineers from the Brussels Free University (AIrBr).



Scientific Expert Panel member of the Computation based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) of the Cyprus Institute


Digital Equipment Corporation Storage Fellow.


Commission of the European Communities Science Plan referee.

Publications and conferences


See separate sheets.




Mother tongue.


Fluent, working language, and used for most papers and presentations.


Notions (not practiced for over 20 years).


Notions (attended Migros’s elementary course in Geneva).



Reading, ski race coaching and servicing, playing tennis and badminton, video-editing and “do-it-yourself - DIY”.


Selected publications and Talks (

Mar. 2011

Géant High Level experts Group, “CERN Network Connectivity Requirements”, Brussels, Belgium

Aug. 2010

CERN School of Computing 2010, “Status of LHC Computing from a Data Centre Perspective”, Uxbridge, United Kingdom - CSC 2010 - Public.pptx

May. 2010

World Summit on Information Society Forum 2010, “High Level Debate of Broadband applications for Tomorrow”, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland

Aug. 2009

CERN School of Computing 2009, “CERN Computer Centre Support for LHC Operations, Data Collection, Processing & Analysis”, Göttingen, Germany

Oct. 2008

BEGrid Seminar 2008, “The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid”, Brussels, Belgium

Oct. 2007

European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Application Workshop, “EGEE: A Grid Infrastructure for e-Science”, Rome, Italy

Jun. 2007

General assembly the Association Romande des Informaticiens, “The LHC Computing Grid, a Worldwide Computer Centre”, CERN

Oct. 2006

BEGrid Workshop, “The EGEE gLite Middleware: Features and Future”, Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 2006

E. Laure, S.M. Fisher, A. Frohner, C. Grandi, F. Hemmer, et al. Programming the Grid with gLite. Computational Methods in Science and Technology, 12(1):33-45, 2006.

Mar. 2006

3ème cycle romand d’informatique, École de printemps 2006, “CERN Grid Activities”, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Dec. 2005

Second EGEE EU Review, “Middleware Re-Engineering”, CERN

Oct. 2005

Fourth EGEE Conference, “gLite Middleware Status”, Pisa, Italy

Jun. 2005

International Conference on Next Generation Networks, “Status and evolution of the EGEE Project and its Grid Middleware” , Brussels, Belgium

Apr. 2005

Third EGEE Conference, “gLite Middleware Status”, Athens, Greece

Feb. 2005

ATLAS Software and Computing Workshop, “Status and Plans of the gLite Middleware”, CERN

Feb. 2005

EGEE EU Review, “Status and Plans of the gLite Middleware”, CERN

Sep. 2004

DILIGENT Kick-off Meeting, “The EGEE JRA1 Activity”, Pisa, Italy

Jun. 2004

GridPP10 Collaboration Meeting, “EGEE Middleware”, CERN

Apr. 2004

First EGEE Conference, “Middleware Overview”, Cork, Ireland

Apr. 2004

Condor Days 2004, “The EGEE Project: an Overview”, Madison, USA

Mar. 2004

Second LCG Workshop, CERN, “Middleware Development in the EGEE Project”, CERN

Jan. 2004

First ARDA Workshop, CERN, “general Middleware Approach”. CERN

Oct. 2002

HEPiX 2002 US, “Exchange 2000 pilot at CERN”, “Wrap up of Windows 2000 Migration”, Chicago, USA,,

Oct. 2002

Second Large Scale Cluster Computing Workshop, “Using Free Desktop Cycles”, Chicago, USA,

Apr. 2001

HEPiX 2002 Europe, LAL-Orsay, “Status of Windows 2000 at CERN”, “CERN Print Manager”,,

Dec. 1998

S. Cittolin et al., LHC Computing Board (LCB). "LHC Event Filter Farms Project Execution Plan",

Nov. 1998

DESY Computing Seminar: "PC Farms at CERN", Hamburg, Germany.

Aug. 1998

CHEP 98 , "PCSF - A PC based simulation facility running Windows NT", Chicago, USA,

Oct. 1997

M. Delfino et al, "High Energy Physics Processing using Commodity components (HEP-PC): Final Status Report".

Apr. 1997

CHEP97: F. Hemmer, L. Robertson, "Managing Outsourcing contract for systems administration", Berlin, Germany,

Mar 1996

Ecole d'informatique Générale, IN2P3 "CORE - 5 ans d'expérience d'informatique distribuée à hautes performances" and "SHIFT software" - architecture et composantes du logiciel utilise dans CORE", Lyon, France.

Oct. 1994

HEPiX 94 US, Fermilab, "Experiences & Directions of SHIFT/CORE at CERN, Batavia, USA,

Oct. 1994

HEPiX 94 Europe, "Latest news of the CERN CORE Project", Saclay, France

Jun. 1994

DAPNIA Computing Seminar: "Analyse de Physique sur machines RISC: Expériences au CERN", Saclay, France.

Oct. 1992

High Speed Networking Day, CERN, "Ultranet® experiences", Geneva, Switzerland.

Sep. 1992

HEPiX Europe, CERN, "Overview of the CORE software", Geneva, Switzerland,

Jun 1992

J.P. Baud et al., "Mainframe Services from Gigabit-Networked Workstations", Proc. Usenix 92, San-Antonio, Texas.

Sep. 1991

CHIP Professional (Germany) - Programmieren 11. "Das SQL-Netzwerk im CERN", pp. 13-26.

Apr. 1991

First National Congress of New Technologies and Database Applications, "Distributed Databases",  Invited Speaker, Lisbon, Portugal.

Mar 1991

CHEP91, J.P. Baud et al., "SHIFT, the Scalable Heterogeneous Integrated Facility for HEP Computing", Proc. Conference on Computing in the High Energy Physics, CHEP91, Tsukuba, Japan, Universal Academic Press.

Nov. 1990

Club des Utilisateurs du CEA (CUIC), "SQL*Net au CERN", Bordeaux, France.

Nov. 1989

"Le concept Client/Serveur", for the Suisse Romande User Group, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Jun. 1989

"SQL*Net Wizard course", course given for Oracle employees, Invited speaker, Zurich, Switzerland

Apr. 1989

"SQL*Net at CERN", Proc. 7th European Oracle User Group, Brussels, Belgium.

Apr. 1986

"Networking with Oracle", 4th European Oracle User Group, Gleneagles, Scotland. European Oracle Users Group Newsletter, N° 10, August 1996.



VIP & Journalists VISITS (

Mar. 29, 2011

Asaf Shtull-Trauring, Journalist,, Israel

Mar. 29, 2011

His Excellency Mr. Shimon Peres, Ninth President of Israel

Mar. 28, 2011

Dr. Ignacio Ania, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Mar. 17, 2011

Ukrainian Task Force, Ukraine

Mar. 14, 2011

Senator the Hon. Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Science and Research, Australia

Jan. 25, 2011

Mr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel

Jan. 11, 2011

Dr. Octavi Quintana Trias, EURATOM Director, European Commission Research, Directorate-General

Jan. 10, 2011

Mr. Herman Josef Lamberti, Mitglied des Vorstands der Deutschen Bank, Germany

Jan. 10, 2011

Dr SEO Jung-Uk, Former Minister of Science and Technology, Honorary Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, Republic of Korea

Dec. 10, 2010

Members of the Novartis Foundation, Germany

Dec. 8, 2010

Mr. Geoff Brumfiel, Journalist, Nature, USA

Nov. 30, 2010

Mr Raimo Valle, State Secretary, Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, Kingdom of Norway

Nov. 24, 2010

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and European Digital Agenda Commissioner, European Commission

Nov. 15, 2010

Professor Jianlin CAO, Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China

Oct. 10, 2010

Tatsuya Murakami, Mayor of Tokai, Japan

Oct. 1, 2010

Professor Wenlong Zhan, Academician, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People’s Republic of China

Sep. 15, 2010

Brazilian Task Force Mission, Brazil

Aug. 28, 2010

Google Zürich Engineers, Switzerland

Aug. 2, 2010

Members of the National Assembly, Republic of Korea

Jul. 30, 2010

Mr. Rathchaphol Suwannachot, Director and Founder of the Thai Youth News Centre, The Kingdom of Thailand

Jul. 29, 2010

Dr. Jung Hyun Kim, Vice Minister for Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Republic of Korea

Jul. 23, 2010

Mr. Omar Fassi Fihri, Secrétaire Perpétuel, Académie HASSAN II des Sciences et Techniques, Royaume du Maroc

Jul. 22, 2010

Professor Tadeusz Kulik, Vice Rector for Scientific Research, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Jul. 16, 2010

Mr. YehiaYossef, Journalist, Al Ahram Newspaper, Egypt

Jul. 7, 2010

Mr. YairLapid, Journalist, Israel

Jul. 2, 2010

Mr. Philippe Fontaine, Journaliste, L’Ordinateur Individuel, France

Jun. 21, 2010

Professor Arif Adli, Vice President, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Jun. 8, 2010

Governor Michael Rounds, South Dakota, United States of America

Jun. 2, 2010

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhandari, Director of Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata, India

May 31, 2010

Professor Zhongkai Yang, Vice President, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, People’s Republic of China

May 28, 2010

The Netherlands School of Public Administration, Netherlands

May 16, 2010

Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Panel (STOA)European Parliament

Mar. 16, 2010

Board of the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing( SNIC), Sweden

Feb. 23, 2010

Professor Jerzy Szwed, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland

Feb. 2, 2010

Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, Secretary-General, International Telecommunications Union, Switzerland

Jan. 26, 2010

Mr Michael S. Dell, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Dell, USA

Oct. 21, 2009

Mr. Maurici Lucena, Director General, Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) Chairman of the ESA Council, Spain

Jul. 23, 2009

Mr. David Binning, Journalist for the Economist Intelligence Unit & Computer Weekly

Jul. 21, 2009

His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Belgium

Jun. 26, 2009

Dr. Ghassem R. Asrar, World Climate Research Programme Director, WMO, Switzerland

Jun. 22, 2009

Mtro. Enrique Agüera Ibañez, Rector of “Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla”Mexico

Jun. 11, 2009

Professor Andreas Demetriou, Minister of Education and Culture, Cyprus

Jun. 10, 2009

Professor Karel van der Toorn, President, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 19, 2009

Finnish IT Centre for Science, CSC Board Members, Finland

May 14, 2009

Saha Institute members, Kolkata, India

May 5, 2009

Lady Diplomats in Bern, Switzerland

Apr. 30, 2009

His Excellency Jaroslaw Starzyk, Ambassador of Poland to Switzerland, Poland

Apr. 17, 2009

Swiss Ministries, Switzerland

Mar. 26, 2009

Mr. Dean Nelson, Sun Microsystems, U.S.A.

Mar. 16, 2009

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, The Kingdom of Thailand

Mar. 13, 2009

Prof. Frantisek Gaher, Rector, Comenius University Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Feb. 26, 2009

Dr. Vint Cerf, Google Vice-President and, Chief Internet Evangelist, U.S.A.

Nov. 24, 2008

Membres du Conseil Régional d’Ile de France

Jul. 17, 2008

Bernard Le Solleu, journaliste, Ouest-France

Jul 16., 2008

Mme Marie-Françoise Lefèvre, journaliste,

Jul. 11, 2008

Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain

Jul. 1, 2008

Personnel du centre de calcul de l’ IN2P3/CNRS, France

Jun. 17, 2008

Mr Yasushi Furukawa, Governor, Saga Prefectural Government, Japan

Jun. 16, 2008

Représentants de l’ IN2P3/CNRS, IRFU/CEA, Universités et Collectivités Territoriales, France

Jun. 6, 2008

Professor Francisco Tomàs Vert, Chancellor, University of València, Spain

Dec. 18, 2007

Mr. Daniel Valtchev, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Science and Education, Bulgaria

Nov.15, 2007

Mr. Robert-Jan Smits, Director European Research Area Research Programmes and Capacity European Commission

Nov. 14, 2007

Membres des Instituts Internationaux Solvay et de l’Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgique

Oct. 25, 2007

Dr. Ronald Plasterk, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Oct. 19, 2007

Prof. L. Dvořák, Palacký University Rector Dr. J. Řidky, Institute of Physics Director

Sep. 19, 2007

Visite de ~25 personnes de la région genevoise, accompagnés par Daniel Treille

Sep. 12, 2007

Prof. Philippe Vincke, recteur de l’Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgique

Aug. 29, 2007

Prof. Ezio Pelizetti, Rector, University of Torino, Italy

Aug. 20, 2007

Dr. Robert Zimmer, President, University of Chicago, Chairman of the Fermi Research Alliance, USA

Jul. 13, 2007

Prof. Ing. Ján Mikolaj, Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Jul. 7, 2007

Prof. Atsuto Suzuki, Director-General, KEK, Japan

Jun. 11, 2007

Prof. Michal Kleiber, Advisor to the President Republic of Poland, Poland

Apr. 20, 2007

Mr. Olivier Dessibourg, correspondent scientifique du journal suisse "Le Temps".

Apr. 13, 2007

Stéphanie Benz, journaliste du magazine économique française "L'Expansion".

Feb. 26, 2007

The Scientific Technology Assessment Unit of the European Parliament.

Feb. 7, 2007

Pr. Donald Bowen, Dean of Science, United Arab Emirates University

Jan. 23, 2007

His Excellency Mr. Pekka Ojanen, Ambassador of Finland to Switzerland

Oct. 10, 2006

Ambassadors of the Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Oct. 4, 2006

Mr. François Gounand, Conseiller de l’Administrateur Général du CEA, Conseiller pour les très grandes installations de Recherche au Ministère de la Recherche, France

Sep. 20, 2006

Friedrich Wagner, President Elect, European Physical Society

Jul. 19, 2006

Rémi Caron, Préfet de Haute-Savoie, France

Jul. 10, 2006

Dr. John Marburger, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, USA

Jun. 12, 2006

Visite de parlementaires belges, Belgique

May 16, 2006

Mr. Antoine Grassin, Directeur de la Coopération Scientifique et Universitaire, Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, France

Jun. 6, 2005

Journalistes de la télévision belge RTBF

Oct. 19, 2004

Jean-Pol Poncelet, Directeur de la stratégie et des relations externes, ESA

Oct. 19, 2004

Philippe Busquin, commissaire européen à la recherche, EU

Dec. 18, 2003

Journalistes des télévisions belges RTBF et RTL-TVI. Reportage RTBF rediffusé sur TV5-Monde

Jun. 30, 2003

Mr. Doug van Houweling & Heather Boyles, Internet 2/UCAID, USA.

Mar. 21, 2003

Jean-Noël Guerini, Sénateur et Président du Conseil des Bouches du Rhône, France


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